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Radon Mitigation in Burlington WI

Installation of radon mitigation systems in the Burlington area consists of making a decision on which direct soil method will be utilized.
The common method used by our company is called depressurized Sub-slab mitigation. Our preferred way to reduce radon come EPA recommended as a standard remediation method method to utilize with the best result.

Determination as to how sub-slab will be achieved, we will need to look at some of the mechanical and structural implications pertaining to the home. A good place to start would be the availability of drain tiles involved in the foundation of the home.  If it is determined the the house does have sufficient drain tiles, it will benefit the install. But, keep in mind that the fact that the property has or has no drain tiles will not effect price calculations. However, our clients tell us that our competitors do often charge more if a home does not have drain tile system, here in the county of Racine.

We will then want to get information to analyse whether or not the radon mitigation system will be line up through the attic or perhaps the garage, as well as the option to erect the piping on the outside of the house.  In order to determine what way we will implement the radon reduction sub slab, some questions will be asked of the resident or owner or anyone who is expected to direct the project. These simple questions regarding the information we just talked about, is usually taken over the phone., we will need to ask a few questions over the phone.  Materials involved in the roofing, basement and siding would be on the list. There will also be inquiries as to heating elements under the floor, basement or foundation past work done, locations of bedrooms and stairway access, all could factor into pricing or how we will implement depressurization system installation.

Racine Radon always asked questions that pertain to the sump pump type. Location, and style plays a part in radon mitigation. If the right pump is present, we can save our customers money by not having to replace it.  It is our motto to save as much on the cost of a radon mitigation system as possible for our customers. The more information collected,the better and more exact the estimate will be.

A radon mitigation proposal will be submitted once the questions are answered.  Our pricing is very competitive and we always guarantee our work. to bring a reduction of radon under 4.0 pCi/L, and complies with EPA indoor action guidelines.  For more guidance to determine if Radon Testing and Mitigation is Necessary click here.


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Racine Radon Offers Testing and Mitigation 2310 S. Green Bay Rd. STE C, #184, Racine, WI 53406 262-955-6696

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    Sub-slab Radon Mitigation

    Among the country side and thriving city of Burlington Wisconsin, lies an abundance of colony history. Back in the day, the First Land Claim was located at the junction of the White River and Fox River, found here in SE Wisconsin. The date was December 1835, when this Land Claim was made by gentlemen named Moses Smith and William Whiting. We know this because their names were carved in trees near what is now known as the Standard-Press building on Pine Street. The two men returned weeks later with Lemuel Smith and Benjamin Perce. All four pioneers constructed a shanty on the east side of the Fox River. This area was later to be known as Wehmhoff-Jucker Park. In 1836, an early settlement land claim was made by Daniel Rork. This was thee place where much more settlement would be built. Then in the year 1837, Moses Smith was declared through appointment, postmaster of the settlement. This settlement was called Foxville. This name would not last and became what we now know and call Burlington. The re-naming took place on July 15, 1839. Once completion of the sawmill, dam and grain mill, the first bridge to span the distance of the Fox River was built. Since these early days of Burlington area development, population has grown by the thousands. At present, population is over 10,800 residents that call Burlington home.

    More interesting facts can be found in the Burlington WI Historical Society website.

    Radon Testing Near Racine Will Test EPA Radon Levels 2310 S. Green Bay Rd. STE C, #184, Racine, WI 53406 262-955-6696
    Racine Radon is certified to test radon amd install mmitigation systems

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    Racine Radon Free Instant Quote Plus Special Bonus 2310 S. Green Bay Rd. STE C, #184, Racine, WI 53406 262-955-6696

      Area Codes that cover ZIP Code 53105




      ZIP Code 53105 Details

      Zip Code: 53105 Population: 27,730
      Area Code: 262 Households per Zip Code: 11,152
      City: BURLINGTON Average House Value: $137,600
      State: WI Avg. Income Per Household: $52,251
      County: RACINE Persons Per Household 2.68
      Latitude: 42.67831 White Population: 26,863
      Longitude: -88.266237 Black Population: 166
      Elevation: 626 Hispanic Population: 795
      City Alias(es): BURLINGTON Number of Businesses: 649
      MSA: 5082
      MSA Name: Milwaukee-Racine, WI CMSA
      PMSA: 6600

      Radon Remediation in Burlington, and Racine County, could be required in 47% of all Homes

      As part of Racine County, Burlington Residents are asked to test radon levels in homes.

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