Radon Mitigation Guarantee In Oconomowoc

 Why is a guarantee important?

The main reason to hire the contractor who radon mitigation system installs, it is to be sure that the radon levels are lowered below action level. Any contractor can offer a guarantee, but will they stand by it? After 30 years in business, real estate professionals and past customers know we mean it, when we guarantee or product to remove gas levels. Radon mitigation can be difficult to reduce if the contractor is a novice or not well trained. 

Radon Mitigators Mitigation & Testing has more than 30 years mitigating easy and tough radon gas problems. Many times, a radon situation can seem simple to reduce and fix, but often times, the easy ones become difficult. In these times, our customers are glad they chose Radon Mitigators. Experience and know-how just can't be beat. We are thrilled  to offer our guaranteed radon remediation system. This guarantee gives customers in a way, a form of insurance, that radon will be lowered below action level 4.0 pCi/L

Radon Mitigators Mitigation & Testing guarantees success!



For many decades since radon has been an issue, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has made recommendations concerning radon testing and systems to U.S. consumers. Without a doubt, Sub-slab depressurization systems are the number one choice in mitigation throughout Oconomowoc and Wisconsin. Radon Mitigators adheres to EPA guidelines and abides by all concepts recommended by the agency.   For many years past as well as those years to come, we believe that Sub-slab radon mitigation will lead the way in radon gas abatement in the future. We can provide our radon mitigation system parts guarantee on our cost estimate for every Oconomowoc home. 


Radon Mitigators Mitigation & Testing

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