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Radon Testing

Radon, the hiding killer.
No odor, can't be seen, no taste to it, but in high enough concentrations, this gas can kill you. After smoking, radon causes more lung cancer than any other cause. Major health organizations such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Surgeon General, World Health Organization and American Cancer Society are deeply concerned and have issued an alert on the subject. Despite the recognized large profile as a threat to health as a toxic pollutant to indoor air quality.

The fact is the only way to combat this toxic gas is by addressing each American home one by one. The very first step to protect ourselves is testing the air inside the home.

It is always best to hire an experienced certified radon testing company to perform this radon test. Radon Mitigators has been testing for radon over 30 years. It is unknown how many lives we have saved by going into the homes and sampling the air, but we are indeed happy and proud of our work in alerting the public throughout Oconomowoc , Waukesha County and throughout the many dwellings we have entered to test in Wisconsin.

Our expert technicians will perform a short term test of the air in the home to check and sample the air for radon. These short term tests usually remain at the home for typically 48 hours. Once retrieved, the testing results are uploaded and provided to the customer. If the levels of radon are shown to be elevated, EPA suggests action. That action usually means radon mitigation. Radon Mitigators can provide a free radon mitigation system installation proposal for abatement.

Here are different ways and methods to test for radon.

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