Services For Radon Mitigation & Testing

Services For Radon Mitigation & Testing

Testing & Reducing Radon in Wisconsin for more than 30 Years

We've Been Reducing Radon Gas in Wisconsin for more than 30 Years. We reduce radon gas in  homes and all cities and towns in Wisconsin communities. Contact Radon Mitigators Mitigation & Testing

Experience is the Difference

I'm Gregg Zetzman, the owner and operator of Radon Mitigators. As you can probably tell by the title of the business, I have been around a long time testing and fixing radon problems. When I started, radon was a newly found science with evidence involving lung cancer in association to radon, hence the original domain name :Radon Mitigators". Yes, its been 30 years serving the community I live in as well as most of SE Wisconsin. Start with a radon test!

I serviced probably more homes than any other contractor in Wisconsin that I am aware of. I still design all mitigation systems installed by Radon Mitigators. I take great pride in my work and I hope you will give us a call and allow us the priviledge of servicing your home through radon testing or radon mitigation.

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 Certified and Insured

Certified by National Radon Safety Board (NRSB)The primary objective of the Board shall be the development of standards and procedures for certification of radon testers and mitigators, the development and administration of examinations leading to certification, the awarding of certificates, the issuance of written proof of certification to individuals who satisfy requirements for certification, and the revocation of certification. The Board shall also develop standards and procedures to establish that certified radon testers and mitigators are knowledgeable of new developments in the profession through continuing education and have remained active in providing radon services. We are proud to serve Merton and all of SE Wisconsin area. It starts with a test first!

State of Wisconsin recognizes and lists NRSB CERTIFIED Radon Professionals

NRSB Certification

Radon Measurement Specialist  #2SS0055

Radon Measurement Specialist #17SS051

Radon Mitigation Specialist  #2G0003

Radon Mitigation  Specialist #17G007

AARST Multi-family Measurement

AARST Multi-family Mitigation




 Example of  incorrect and improper radon mitigation systems that were not installed to EPA recommendations. First, fan is in living space, Second, pipe blowing ground level. Third, there is no sump pump cover-which means air tight cover is not there. Fan housing or piping MUST NOT be above the fan causing joint and pipe fittings leakage, meaning leak would move into the home. If the fan is in the floor next to the crock, then the fan is losing pull.

Obviously an unsuspecting consumer or buyer would think they have and paid for a properly designed system consistent with EPA NRSB NRPP AARST protocols. This system will very likely be flagged when inspected next time by a knowledgeable home =inspector and could be dangerous                                    --->




Using Quality Materials, Technique & Technology

Abating homes of toxic gas in homes, condominiums, institutions, schools or commercial, takes knowledge and experience and with that comes materials. When it comes to system materials, we do not settle for shoddy low quality pieces. We only buy the best long-lasting quality products to insure the best radon mitigation installation for our clients.  Technology also plays a part in determining and designing top reducing systems. Through trial and error and through the latest technical break throughs, we strive to get the radon down as low as our system will allow. There are too many fly-by nights companies using materials that are cheap and poorly made. They do this just to make a few extra dollars for the sake of  not proving the best reducing and long lasting system a consumer deserves. Please know that we will design your home's system as if it were our own. Remember to test your home to determine if mitigation is needed.

Using Contractor Near Me

Our technicians live in communities near all SE Wisconsin cities and towns. We service from Merton to West Bend, from Brookfield to Oconomowoc, from Pewaukee to Greenfield, from Muskego to Watertown and all places in between. Wherever you reside in SE Wisconsin, we service.  Call us for radon testing and mitigation.

Take a look at radon in action. But the scary part is to imagine living in an eviornment with high radon levels like this and then breathing the particles of radon into your lungs.

When Radon Mitigators performs Sub-slab mitigation. Radon is removed prior to it entering the indoor living space.

Sub-Slab Mitigation of Radon is our Specialty!



Active Sub-slab Radon Mitigation AKA-SSD (Preferred Method)

Active Sub-slab suction — also called sub-slab depressurization— is the most commonly used the most performed as well as  reliable reduction of radon method used in the Midwest. Suction pipe or pipes are drilled in and then inserted through the slab in the floor which digs into crushed soil  or rock beneath. Another option is to insert the pipes below the home's concrete slab on the outside of the house. The decision regarding how many and where these suction pipes will be located can  depend upon the ease of air flow and how air can move through the material below the piping. The strength of the source of radon also plays a part in successful sub-slab method application abatement.  Suction points locations are critical to the success of sub-slab design.

We usually get our information from a visual inspection, from diagnostic testing, and/or from our experience. A radon vent fan connected to the suction pipes draws the radon gas from below the home and releases it into the outdoor air while simultaneously creating a negative pressure or vacuum beneath the slab. Common fan locations include unconditioned home and garage spaces, including attics, and the exterior of the home.

Some homes have drain tiles or perforated pipe to direct water away from the foundation of the home. Suction on these tiles or pipes is often effective in reducing radon levels.

The most common approach used is known as "Active Sub-Slab Depressurization" or (ASSD). This method involves drawing the radon gas (and other pollutants) from soils that are directly adjacent to the structure. In order for this method to be effective, a sealed barrier between the home and the soil must be available to divert the radon gas away from the home.

Fresh Air Systems DO NOT REMOVE RADON, they only dilute the radon.

It all starts with a radon test to calculate the radon level and what to do next, depends on the level.




Some Homes can be more difficult to reduce radon

Lets talk a bit about drain tiles.  Homes that were built after  1940, usually were built with drain tiles. When we know there are drain tiles, it feels like gold to us! Reason being, we can utilize  drain tiles to assist in the radon removal. There of course are times when even homes that do have drain tiles may actually be difficult to reduce, but not for Radon Mitigators. We are not average when it comes to radon removal. We solve tricky radon problems other mitigators cannot. 100% is a proud record we like to brag about!

Sale of a homes can  be jeopardized if a radon contractor fails to reduce radon to under EPA levels?

One thing is for certain, you don't want to lose a sale due to a radon problem!  Working with realtors, buyers and sellers over decades has convinced me that nightmare radon contractors are out there and there are plenty of them. The out right nightmarish things that have been told to me, concerning other radon companies failed assurances to reduce radon under 4 pCi/L but failed is truly out of control. A Homebuyer could often choose to walk away from the purchase, leaving the seller stuck with their home sale lost and a radon system investment that is not work at reducing high radon levels.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Radon Mitigation Method  AKA- HRV

This type of system is very rarely used in SE Wisconsin and the mid-west. Reason being, Active Sub-slab works the best in our climate. In those ocassions where we would utilize this type of system, would be limited crawlspace under the home. With an inaccessible crawl space, this leaves limited slab accessibility. Another case could be made for this method use in apartments and condominiums, making active Sub-slab soil depressurization (sub-slab) not a practical sollution.  The term "Heat Recovery  Ventilation"  (HRV) would be a method to be used to tackle the radon situation. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) mitigates by reduction of radon levels in a way that it adds a fresh air source. The source creates positive gentle air pressurization in the space. Negative air pressure in lower levels of the home creates a force that pulls soil gases, which includes the radon located inside.  When reducing the negative air pressure, Energy Recovery Ventilation can minimize measurements of radon while applying in a delivery of fresh air coming inside the home. With the  two of these features, an ERV remediation system allows for a succesful way to obtain radon reduction.

Repair and Replacement of inproper or non-working systems

This type of service is becoming more and more common for to reasons. First, there are now thousands of radon remediation systems installed throughout the state of Wisconsin. Those installed fans will eventually stop working as anything mechanical will do eventually. When this happens, our customers will know to call us by the label that was placed on the system during installation. However, many contractors do not provide this information to a label at the end of the install, so we usually get a lot of calls from these systems. Radon Mitigators stands behind our systems and radon levels. When it comes to expertise, Radon Mitigators is there and reliable to our customers for years to come.

What determines where a radon system is placed?-

Another specialty of mine is determining how well I can conceal my systems.  When designing a system, I will always study, pictures, plans and talk with those who know the property.  I want to determine the best location for concealment.  The homeowner and buyer imput is always welcome and encouraged.





Single, Multi-family, Institutional & Commercial Method

Our radon mitigation services include all buildings throughout Wisconsin. We are uniquely trained, certified and tested to perform many jobs other radon mitigation companies cannot and have not been AARST trained and certified to do. For instance, contractor needed to install a proper radon system.  We use both Active Sub-slab Radon Mitigation Method and Heat Recovery Ventilation Method for these types of buildings.  We are AARST Certified in multi-family measurement and mitigation and can provide these services on HUD, FHA and all state and federal testing and mitigation requirements.

Beware of contractors claiming they are Wisconsin "licensed"

Our radon mitigation services include all buildings throughout Wisconsin. EPA trained radon Mitigation measurement and mitigation are NOT licensed in the state of WI.  If a a company or individual proclaims they are "licensed", the statement would be inaccurate.  The state of Wisconsin does keep a list of Nationally certified individuals and companies. These companies, NRSB and NRPP qualify properly trained radon measurement and radon mitigation individuals. 

System Design is ALWAYS designed by Me, Gregg Zetzman, owner and operator of Radon Mitigators

Its true! When you call Radon Mitigators and ask to speak with someone about radon mitigation, you will be talking with me. It is my job and promise to make sure I put my 30 years of knowledge and expertise into your home. I want to be responsible for giving your home the very best solution for your gas problem! Have your test level available. If you dis not have testing done, we can certainly assist with radon measurement, give us a call.


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